King Brands LLC. offers the highest quality products at the best value. We produce products that meet our consumers highest expectations. Our premium products, attractive margins, competative pricing make King Brands LLC. products the right choice.


Our line of disinfectants, insecticides and environmentally conscience home cleaning products have a high consumer value, creating a tremendous consumer value when compared with other leading brands.

Leaves your home KRISTAL clean
Kristalin products allow the completion of big jobs in small amounts of time while delivering high quality end results and a refreshing clean scents. Kristalin allows the consumer to clean and deodorize all around the home, Kitchen, laundry, garages, offices, schools and any other space, more efficiently and effectively.


King Pine Disinfectant is a Heavy Duty Cleaner that contains no phosphorus, yet kills germs, bacteria, salmonella & plant diseases while cleaning, disinfecting & leaving a lasting fresh scent. Common uses include Home, Industrial, Janitorial & Institutional. Delivering over 40% of a concentrated powerful cleaning ingredients, making a highly effective cleaning & disinfecting solution with a 64 to 1 dilution ratio (1 oz. makes 64 oz.)


King Pine Brands. King Pine Brands is known brand of heavy duty cleaner for those tough to clean areas, insecticides for those pesky bugs & oven and kitchen degreasers.
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Clean Like the Professionals. Janitors and other cleaning professionals use only top quality cleaning products to perform their job. These professionals must complete big jobs in small amounts of time while delivering high-quality end results. Never before have products of this quality and power been available to the consumer market ... until now.


A Step Towards a Clean Planet. Our consumers are more conscious of the need to better manage our natural resourse. We responded with our EnviroStep line of biodegradable cleaning products that meet the VOC standards.